Nordics are different for many reasons : they are 100% bio-degradable and don’t leave any kind of trace in nature. During production we are using only natural or recycled materials with very limited chemicals, so that we can guarantee fully that the product is genuinly ecological.
Nordics  are the subtle wink in everyday life that is causing us to feel special.

The bristles are black because they are specially processed with a charcoal powder – Binchotan. This charcoal is giving the distinctive color of the brush, but also has a nice whitening effect 🙂

The colored brushes do not have any difference between them.We have developed several colors so that you can easily differentiate between them while being in the same glass in the bathroom.

“Thank you for this question” 😀
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Nordics are always with soft bristles. Is is proven that brushing your teeth with hard bristles is wrong and even dangerous. Hard brushes are damaging gums and teeth. The sensation of “deeper cleaning” is false. You can have the same sensation if you brush a bit longer. We recommend at least 3 minutes of brushing.

Of course ! The bristles are soft and are perfect for people with gum problems and people with dentures or braces. Using mouthwash in combination with dental floss will contribute to a healthier mouth and smile.

We from Nordics are strongly supporting the idea of waste sorting ! Please throw away the brushes in the containers for paper or plastic. You can compost them if you wish too.

We are almost sure that a bamboo won’t grow, but while using Nordics you will plant something more important – the idea for a better and more ecological lifestyle.

This is because we are using only recycled papers and there is difference in the colors from batch to batch. That way you can be sure that packaging is 100% authentic.